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About this Event

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We will be hosting the 24th annual Advances in Autism Conference virtually this year!

The annual Conference is a one-day event hosted by Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment at Mount Sinai. It includes a series of lectures given by accomplished professionals in the field of autism. The purpose of the conference is to discuss accurate recognition, diagnosis and treatment of autism with attendees, such as: practicing psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, geneticists, other health care professionals, neuroscientists, educators, family members and social workers.

Program Description

This year, the Advances in Autism Conference will focus on profound autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders.

Autism is a spectrum, affecting each person diagnosed with the disorder in unique ways. Individuals who are more severely affected may have a lack of verbal and nonverbal communication skills, sensory challenges, cognitive difficulties, and often have simultaneous conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety or gastrointestinal diseases.

Our accomplished speakers will help attendees further understand the needs of more profoundly affected individuals to inform research and tailor support to help enable them to achieve their most fulfilling and joyful lives.


Admission to this year’s virtual conference is free - pre-registration is required. The Seaver Autism Center recognizes that this has been an extraordinarily challenging year for everyone and wants to ensure families, professionals, and students have access to these important updates in the field of autism.


In lieu of purchasing tickets to the conference, if you are able, please consider making a donation to the Seaver Autism Center.

This gift will support the Seaver Center’s mission to provide affordable educational opportunities to the public to learn new and improved approaches to caring for people with autism through events such as the annual conference.


10:30 - 10:40 AM
Opening Remarks

Joseph D. Buxbaum, PhD

10:40 - 11:05 AM
What We Know About the Causes of Autism

Joseph D. Buxbaum, PhD

11:05 - 11:30 AM
Framework for Assessing Individuals With Rare Genetic Disorders Associated With Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities

Audrey Thurm, PhD

11:30 - 11:45AM - Break

11:45 - 12:10 PM
Comorbidities and ASD: Distinct Disorders or Part of the Spectrum

Evdokia Anagnostou, MD

12:10 - 12:35 PM
Sensory Reactivity in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Paige Siper, PhD

12:35 - 1:05 PM - Lunch Break

1:05 - 1:30 PM
How to Recognize and Manage Distress and Challenging Behaviors

Eron Friedlaender, MD, MPH

1:30 - 1:55 PM
Explorations of Language In Autism

Helen Tager-Flusberg, PhD

1:55 - 2:10 PM - Break

2:10 - 2:35 PM
Novel Therapeutics in Autism Bringing Industry and Academia Together

Ana Kostic, PhD

2:35 - 3:00 PM
A Family’s Journey to Treat Profound Autism

Amy S.F. Lutz

3:00 - 3:30 PM
Speaker Panel

3:30 - 3:40 PM
Closing Remarks


Evdokia Anagnostou, MD
Child Neurologist and Professor of Pediatrics, University of Toronto
Assistant Director, Holland Bloorview’s Research Institute

Joseph D. Buxbaum, PhD
Director, Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment
Professor, Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Health System

Eron Friedlaender, MD, MPH
Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Ana Kostic, PhD
Director, Drug Discovery and Development, Seaver Autism Center
Associate Professor, Mount Sinai Health System

Amy S.F. Lutz
Mother and Author of Each Day I Like It Better: Autism, ECT, and the Treatment of Our Most Impaired Children

Paige Siper, PhD
Chief Psychologist, Seaver Autism Center
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Health System

Helen Tager-Flusberg, PhD
Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, Boston University

Audrey Thurm, PhD
Director, Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Phenotyping Service, Intramural Research Program, NIMH

*If you aren't available for the full day, or need to take a break to care for a loved one, you can catch up on any content that you missed! Recordings of the presentations will be made available for all ticket holders following the conference for six months.

While we will be able to provide verification of attendance, we will not be able to offer formal CME credit.

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