Dubin Breast Center Annual Benefit


See how the mission of the Dubin Breast Center comes to life by merging comprehensive, integrated, and compassionate care with cutting edge and ground breaking research to treat every patient who comes through the doors.

Learn about the immense contributions physician-scientist Dr. Irie has made to the field of breast cancer research, and the unrivaled care she provides to all of her patients at the Dubin Breast Center.

Hear from current tennis commentator, former tennis champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Mary Joe Fernández about her brave battle against breast cancer with the support of the Dubin Breast Center.

Michele and Timothy Barakett
Maria Bartiromo and Jonathan Steinberg
Emily and Len Blavatnik
Beth Dozoretz
Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin and Glenn Dubin
Anthony Godsick
Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones II
Elisa Port, MD and Jeffrey Port, MD
Marilyn and Jim Simons
Lynn and Stephan Solomon
Katherine Farley and Jerry Speyer
Kathleen O. Tropin
Nina and Gary Wexler

Priscilla Alexander
Laura and Lloyd Blankfein
Donya and Scott Bommer
Laura and Stafford Broumand, Md
Karen and Todd Builione
Laura and James DeMare
Pilar and Gary Douglas
Julie Anne Quay and Matt Edmonds
Caryl Englander
Susan and Gary Garrabrant
Natalia Nastaskin and Robert Gershon
Amy and John Griffin
Ashley and Rusty Holzer
Debra Stokes and Robert Kaplan
Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee
Dominique Lévy
Julie and Brendan McAllister
Ornella and Robert Morrow
Elin and Michael Nierenberg
Jane and Daniel Och
Robert Pittman
Lisa and Jonathan Pruzan
Victoria and Neema Raphael
Maureen White and Steven Rattner
Daryl and Steven Roth
Perri Peltz and Eric Ruttenberg
Iris and Michael Smith
Melissa and Bruce Spohler
Elizabeth V. Stakelon
Kate and Shai Waisman
Samantha Wright
Lois Robbins and Andrew Zaro
Wendy Belzberg and Strauss Zelnick

*As of December 9, 2022

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