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MSW NICU Family Advisory Council

The Mount Sinai West NICU Family Advisory Council (FAC) was founded in 2016 with hopes of supporting the care of babies in the NICU by better supporting their families. Our membership currently consists of parents with babies born over the past decade who had stays in the Mount Sinai West NICU (or St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital). We all joined the NICU FAC out of gratitude for the excellent care our babies received from Mount Sinai West's gifted NICU doctors and nurses and with the hope of enhancing the experience for future families. To that end, the FAC works to promote family-centered care by collaborating with physicians, staff, the hospital’s administration and families. We advocate for parents and their babies from our collective experience by raising physician and staff awareness of areas where improvements are needed; recommending and providing supplemental assistance and information; and helping physicians and staff to serve NICU families with holistic and comprehensive information, support, and care. When families are properly supported, they are more likely to be involved in the process of care. This results in better outcomes for babies and parents, both during and after their time in the NICU.

We are involved with many specific projects which benefit current and future NICU families. Current projects include:
-Working with the social work department to enhance their services
-Hosting events for current parents (Mother's/Father's Day, Holidays, etc.)
-Creating orientation materials for new NICU parents
-Consulting with the achitecture team on the design of the new NICU
-Working with the lactation department to update NICU practices

Please consider making a donation to Mount Sinai West NICU Family Advisory Council today! Thank you in advance for your support.

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